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Our ultimate goal is your financial freedom 


Welcome to
PLM Financial Group

Financial Planning Specialists


Since moving our business from inner city Melbourne in 2015, we have been helping our clients in the Dandenong Ranges and beyond, reach their financial goals. We always take the time to listen to what you want to achieve, so that we can create a personalised roadmap specifically tailored to your needs and objectives. We partner with you every step of the way and pride ourselves on our close working relationships with our clients.

Get in touch to learn more about how you can achieve your own financial freedom.


Expertise. Solutions. Experience.

Similar to bees, we work tirelessly to build and protect your wealth, so you can reach your financial goals sooner.



Recently our clients completed an anonymous online survey hosted by CoreData and IOOF.  This survey assessed how our clients rate their financial planner, how they feel about their financial wellbeing and the level of trust and loyalty our clients have in us. The strongest underlying theme was 'Financial Peace of Mind'. Our clients exhibit a high level of self assessed financial wellbeing, reflected in a preparedness for retirement and a low tendency to worry about money.

The following testimonials are answers to this question asked of our clients:  'Overall, what do you feel are the greatest benefits or value that you have gained from receiving financial advice from your financial planner?'

"Andrew is full of knowledge that I would never be able to understand completely if it was sent to me in their jargon. He 100% knows what he is doing and how to help us achieve what is needed at the time. Knowing that he keeps an eye on our finances, superannuation is a massive stress relief."


"To be able to invest in the current market/ climate and still show some positive results. I've gained a great deal of respect in seeing how hard they work to keep us advised as well as being active in creating a better financial future for myself and my family including extended grandparents."

"The greatest benefit I derive from my financial adviser is peace of mind and having a sounding board. Knowing I have someone I can talk to about personal worries when needed."

"Knowing that my financial planner has the expertise in the area l have no experience in has given me peace of mind and l have a team that understands my needs and goals, puts in the time required to explain the goals we strive for - that puts my mind at ease that they are doing everything possible to increase my portfolio."

"I didn't have much superannuation when I started with my planner. It was a great source of worry for me. I feel confident now that I am doing the best I can to maximise what I will have come retirement."

"I no longer have to worry about how my super is invested. I also receive good advice on a lot of other concerns I have had over the years."





PLM Financial Group Pty Ltd  (A.C.N 126 276 104)  ATF A&K Family Trust
trading as PLM Financial Group ABN 85 181 475 198  |  Corporate Authorised Representative No. 1238591
Alliance Wealth Pty Ltd  | ABN 93 161 647 007 | AFSL 449221  |
1/89 Boronia Road, Boronia VIC 3155

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